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Welcome to Novel
Energy Materials

Pioneering the next generation of energy solutions, the Novel Energy Materials lab, led by Dr. Michael Naguib at Tulane University, focuses on innovative 2D materials for advanced energy storage and conversion technologies. Our goal is to revolutionize batteries, supercapacitors, and electrocatalysis with sustainable, cost-effective systems, driven by the urgent need for renewable energy and portable device advancements.

April 22, 2024
Naguib Lab Group's own Ahmed Majed Ibrahim successfully defended his Ph. D. dissertation, "Synthesis of 2D Transition Metal Carbo-Chalcogenide and Their Application as Electrode Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage." Congratulations Dr. Ibrahim!!!
April 5, 2024
Amanda and John's senior capstone team was chosen as finalists in the NASA RASC-AL Large-Scale Lunar Crater Prospector competition and will be representing Tulane University in Coca Beach, FL this June! Best of luck guys!
March 19, 2024
Dr. Naguib presented at the D.O.D / ACS MXene Event hosted at Tulane University!

Research Motivation

The need for reliable energy conversion and storage systems is continuously growing, especially with recent efforts to further develop renewable energy and the explosive growth of portable device technologies. Thus, the development of novel materials for energy conversion and storage is of critical importance and the research in our group has the general theme of Novel Energy Materials. Our research involves developing new 2D materials for applications in the next generation of batteries beyond Li-ion, supercapacitors and electrocatalysis. In addition to discovering and creating new materials, another important thrust is developing inexpensive materials for the commercially available electrochemical energy storage systems (e.g. Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors), which contribute to environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies.

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