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Principal Investigator

Dr. Michael Naguib

Assistant Professor

Ken and Ruth Arnold Early Career Professor in Science and Engineering

Department of Physics and Engineering Physics

Tulane University‚Äč

Phone: +1 504-865-5095‚Äč

Email:  naguib@tulane.edu

Group Members

Dr. Kun Liang

Joined 10/2018

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D., University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Email: kliang@tulane.edu

Kaitlyn E. Prenger

Joined 01/2018

Graduate Student

B.A., The College of William and Mary

Email: kprenger@tulane.edu

Brianna Kenney

Joined 01/2018

Graduate Student

B.S., Alabama A&M University

Email: bkenney@tulane.edu

Anika Tabassum

Joined 09/2018

Graduate Student

B.S., University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Email: atabassum@tulane.edu

Ahmad Majed Ashraf Abdelfattah Ibrahim

Joined 09/2019

Graduate Student

M.S.: Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Email: aibrahim1@tulane.edu

Shae Jolly

Joined 05/2018

Undergraduate Student

Hudson McKinley

Joined 05/2018

Undergraduate Student

Mona Guitou

Joined 04/2019

Visiting Student

M.S. National Applied Sciences Institute (INSA) of Lyon, France

Ian Pimenta

Joined 06/2019

Undergraduate Student